Examples of work carried out to improve your management of Health and Safety Management Systems:
  1. 20 x Risk assessments at one company, reviewed with company and reviewed resulted in 3 relevant risk assessments for organisation to manage there risks
  2. 30 x Safe System of Work at a company, 4 or 5 pages long for each one, reviewed and 1 to 2 page safe systems of work developed and produced with staff and numbers reduced to 15 actually required
  3. Review of 80 x Material Safety Data Sheets, reviewed and produced 1 page assessment and key information sheets for site working and numbers required reduced to 15/20

Lee Stampton has worked as a safety consultant with British Rowing, advising and working with its Water Safety Working Group and initiating and developing various aspects of rowing safety. His approach and quick understanding of the issues involved in the governing body’s role of providing guidance, education and training to its affiliated clubs and their members, showed not only a good analysis of the various problems, but also appropriate and measured ways of addressing these to positively develop the sport’s safety culture. His participation within the Working Group can only be described as dynamic, and yet at the same time fitting well into the nature of the group and its members. He shows an extensive knowledge of health and safety, and importantly, the ability to apply it sensibly to various and unique situations. I therefore would have no hesitation in recommending Health and Safety South East Ltd’s consultancy services. Stuart Ward British Rowing Hon Water Safety Adviser 2003 – 2010
Health and Safety South East Ltd, provide simple pragmatic H&S advice, which enables to effectively manage you H&S problems with the minimum of fuss and red tape. The bespoke training that is delivered is designed around the clients needs and provides all the necessary information to enable staff to take control of their H&S issues. We would recommend Health and Safety South East Ltd Brian Szukala TKnP Limited (Transport Knowledge Plus) www.tknp.co.uk