Benefits of to an organisation of E Learning approach have been detailed in a recent article in Safety Management – The British Safety Council Magazine on the 5 C’s of E Learning
  • Choice: Flexibility for learners to choose when and where they study
  • Cost: Delivery costs relatively low, saves on travel time, venue costs, carbon footprint, printing materials, etc.
  • Conciseness: Courses should be straight to the point and focused to give the learner the key information
  • Completion Time: Short duration, should be less than classroom time, general ours are a max of 1hr.
  • Consistency: Set slides/content = set consistency for all learner, same message delivered without deviation.

Courses available from Heath and Safety South East.

We are currently offering to clients and individuals the following online courses and we are also able to develop any other Environmental, Health and Safety On-Line courses for your organisation with our partners Learnbubble. Our courses are convenient to do, flexible for learners to work at their own pace, affordable, engaging and interactive, and follow current HSE Guidance to ensure compliance for your workforce in understanding the health and safety hazards and controls that employees should adopt. Courses currently on offer include
  • Safe handling and use of chemicals
  • Safe working at heights
  • Safe use of ladders and stepladders
  • Manual handling
  • Safe use of computer equipment
  • Safe use of electricity
  • Hand arm vibration
  • Noise at work
You can do the course right now if you would like to. select the courses you want to do and pay for them online and you can get started straight away. Or, for more details: All the courses follow the HSE Guidance on each topic and have a formal assessment, along with certification for successful completion. Courses can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements, and are supported through a learning management system, provided by Learnbubble. Prices for courses start at £20 per person, with discounts available for bulk purchases